Health Tourism

Health Tourism in Turkey

20 years of experience and healthcare and tourism. We are providing high quality healthcare service and combining it with leisure per demand. Our services include arrangement of doctor’s appointments, treatment and surgeries, accommodation, transportation, hosting, flight arrangements, vacation planning of our valued customers, elderly/disabled care and medical transportation. We present standart affordable packages as well as customized services for our guests. All medical treatments and interventions are performed by doctors and personnel certified by Turkish Ministry of Health. Every single medical center working with us are registered with Turkish Ministry of Health and have the highest quality in the country. Our doctors and staff speak various languages including Arabic, English, German, Kurdish, Russian and French. We also provide interpreter and tourist guide per request. Our guests and patients never feel like a stranger when they are with us!
Distance Comparisons
From Europe to: Turkey 2-4 hrs non-stop / Far East: 10-15 hrs non-stop
From North Africa to: Turkey 3-4 hrs non-stop / Far East: 10-15 hrs non-stop
From Middle Africa to: Turkey 5-9 hrs non-stop / Far East 9-14 hrs non-stop
From USA to: Turkey 9-14 hrs non-stop / Far East 18-26 hrs one-stop
From Middle Eastern to: Turkey 24 hrs non-stop / Far East 5-9 hrs non-stop